Dear Reader,
"Oh no... not ANOTHER "wonder" pain relief remedy. I'm sick of them! Some might work for a few days, but then the back pain comes back. The pain ALWAYS comes back."
Sound familiar?
Well you're not alone...
Every year thousands of people cross their fingers and try every back pain relief remedy under the sun. They're so desperate to end the pain that follows them around from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep, they'll try anything... Powerful (and potentially dangerous) painkillers, acupuncture, herbs, superfoods, massage, TENS therapy, even surgery.
But the sad truth is, the pain rarely goes away. And even if it does for a while, the relief is never permanent.
So why is this pain killing device - called the Pain-Ease Wrap - different? Why could it finally ease your back pain for good - when so many other things have failed?
Well, it's because the Pain-Ease Wrap harnesses one important breakthrough that no other treatment or remedy offers...
Your body's "electrics" could be used to mend damage and cut off your back pain at the source!

These days, one of the most widespread treatments in the fight against pain is the TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) machine.
This machine sends electrical pulses into the body via electrodes that are placed on the skin. The idea is that these pulses will interrupt the body's pain signals that are sent to the brain, meaning you'll FEEL less pain.
The pain will still be there - but your brain won't receive the signals. And in some cases, this can really work.
But there is a problem...
Your body produces its own electrical flow, which passes through your bloodstream to feed every organ and keep things ticking over. Just as electricity passes through your house to help keep it working. So your body produces its own, specific supply to help power the hundreds of millions of repairs it needs to make... messages it needs to send... and functions it needs to perform.
But the electrical pulses from TENS machines are set at the WRONG strength. They are far, far higher than your body's natural electrical current, which might help jam the pain signals, but does nothing to actually help your body fight the source of the pain.
And that's where the Pain-Ease Wrap comes in...
Introducing three magic letters that could heal the source of your back pain, not mask it!
The Pain-Ease Wrap is a simple, discreet belt you just fix around your back. It's so light and flat you won't even know it's there. But the simple little belt hides a complex technology that could gently "heat" your back pain out of existence.
The technology's called MCT, a breakthrough that's practically unknown in the mainstream. But these three little letters could spell the end of your back pain for good.
After using the Pain-Ease Wrap, bending, standing, walking, lifting... All these everyday actions most people take for granted could eventually be PAIN FREE.
Let me explain how it works...
MCT stands for Micro Current Therapy... And as the word "micro" suggests, MCT uses a far gentler level of electricity that won't damage your skin tissue. In fact, it's so gentle you won't even feel it.
But underneath your skin MCT can do you the world of good...
Because MCT mimics the same current your body produces naturally, there's no resistance, so it's able to follow your existing electrical paths. It penetrates deep into the tissue so it can get to work, stabilising the electric balance of the injured cells, decreasing the electric resistance of the region and opening an easy way for your body's natural currents to start the healing process.
And rather than simply block the pain signals, it provides the essential electricity to damaged areas where the body's natural current is too weak to penetrate the inflammation, so your body can actually repair itself naturally and stop the pain at the source.
The bottom line is this: Using MCT technology, the Pain-Ease Wrap could actually help HEAL the inflammation that's causing your back pain rather than just mask the pain, which is what so many other therapies focus on.
No drugs, no painful treatments, no side-effects. The Pain-Ease Wrap lets you target the pain, then treat it rather than mask it. It's easy to use and you won't feel a thing (other than your pain blissfully ebbing away).
And if these people are using it, you can be sure this WORKS
Professional sportsmen use Pain-Ease Wraps to heal injuries... Now it's your turn!

Here's what people are saying about the Pain-Ease Wrap:
"Discover Pain-Ease, the patch that relieves painful joints - I did and it really works!"
- Virginia Wade OBE and former Wimbledon champion
"Pain-Ease Micro-Current Wraps - Micro current therapy has been used to help many famous sports stars recover from injury, including Olympic champion hurdler Colin Jackson, tennis star Tim Henman and former England striker-turned-TV presenter Gary Lineker"
Daily Mail, October 2013
If it can work on the aches, pains tears and injuries that professional sports people suffer, just imagine what it could do for you.
In fact, you don't have to imagine it - just TRY it for yourself risk-free for 30 days, and FEEL your pain loosening up and ebbing away.
Here are just a couple of letters from people who have tried the Pain-Ease Wrap...
"It was one year ago, when the crick in my back started. It began with very severe pain. I could barely move. This initial pain had been blocked by medications, which worked well at the beginning. However, the pain kept coming back afterwards with less intensity. As I do manual labour this had a very bad effect on my work and my everyday life.
I tried many medications, but the constant pain hadn't disappeared. I got the microcurrent Pain-Ease Back Wrap from my wife. To my greatest surprise my pain has totally disappeared in two days."
G.Fenyes (37 years old)
"I got very severe back pain when I moved pieces of furniture in my house. My doctor recommended resting and prescribed medication. The medication reduced my pain a little, but it still hurt very much. I had to take higher dose of medication than what the doctor prescribed to be able to bear the pain.
A friend of mine gave me his Pain-Ease Back Wrap to try. I felt the positive effect of the wrap in one day. By the second day, my pain had almost totally gone. I could stop the medication. And now it's all over. I just need to be careful when I lift heavier objects!"
J.Toth (66 years old)
Maybe you'll be writing me a letter like one of these one day soon, because I'm sure Pain-Ease Wrap can help you. I'm convinced of it.

  Yes! I want to eliminate pain for good!

Fight your pain now...
Don't wait until your back problems get the best of you!

Just TRY it - and feel it work!
My name is Tessa Davel. I'm a Product Manager at Fleet Street Publications. When I first came across the Pain-Ease Wrap and read about MCT Technology I knew this was exactly the kind of product our readers could benefit from.
But I wanted to make sure this came at a price anyone could afford... And that anybody who wanted to try it could do so without risking a single cent.
Because in my view, you should only ever have to pay for something if you have 100% PROOF that it works. And the only way to do that is to try it.
That's why I'd like to let you test this at home yourself, without pressure, for 30 days, so I can prove this new technology really works. This way you can feel the difference for yourself.
I'm sure that if you suffer from back pain (or know someone who does), then this could be the most important treatment you'll try this year.
No, that's not quite right. This could be the most important treatment you'll try in your LIFE!. Because at last there's a breakthrough treatment that doesn't just mask the pain... It kills off the source of the pain and mends your body, so the pain doesn't return.
But if your back pain hasn't eased significantly in that time, then I'll happily give you a full 100% refund. Absolutely no quibbles.
A 25% discount for your Pain-Ease Wrap
Many pain relief devices using electrical or magnetic currents cost around R1,200. Some even run up to R10 000 - which, to be fair, is a small price to pay for saying goodbye to your pain for good.
But if you order a Pain-Ease Wrap today, you will get it at a special introductory price of only R749.95 - that's 25% cheaper than most back pain devices and R50 off the official price  - And, what's more, the Pain-Ease Wrap REALLY works!
The experts behind this device have just discovered a way to improve the flow of the electric charge direct to the source of the pain - meaning this wrap works quicker and works deeper to really halt the cause of your pain as quickly as possible.
This particular model isn't available anywhere else in SA! So if you want the full benefit of MCT technology, the new Pain-Ease Wrap delivers relief directly.
As the health publisher, this is the ONLY version I'd recommend. But remember, at the moment you're only agreeing to TRY it! You're not committing to anything - not till you've felt the results yourself.
If you aren't 100% happy with your Pain-Ease Wrap, just return it within 30 days and I'll give you a full refund of your purchase price.
But the truth is, I don't think I'm going to have to give you a refund. Because I don't think you're going to want one.
In fact, if anything, I wouldn't be surprised if you made the same offer to any of your family or friends who suffer from nagging back pain that just won't go away. If you pressed one, simple device into their hands and told them to just TRY IT... Because they're not going to believe how effective this is until they give it a go.
So think about it. Think about what's really on offer here...
A chance for you to try a powerful way to end your pain - without risking a cent.
Try it and if the Pain-Ease Wrap works for you, keep it. If on the slim chance it doesn't, send it back within 30 days and I'll give you a full refund of a purchase price.
There's no catch. Just a real chance to end your pain for good.
I really look forward to hearing from you.
Pain-free wishes,


Shimanga Mubitana
Product Manager,
P.S: If you're sick to death of your pain, MCT technology could be the breakthrough you've been waiting for. Just try it - without risk for 30 days - and see what you think.
P.P.S: Remember, this isn't available anywhere else in SA - so if you're really serious about beating your back pain, this could be the one thing that finally does it!

  Yes! I want to eliminate pain for good!

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